HalfNoise, A Night Back Home: Show Review

What to say! Halfnoise is electric! If you don't know of this high energy indie pop/ alternative project, Halfnoise (stylized as HALFNOISE) is a Nashville based endeavor formed by Zac Farro in 2010. The hometown show called for constant dancing and tambourine shaking. The crowd had such a high level of energy, one I had yet to experience at a concert until that night! It was a party from the beginning all the way to the end of the third time he played "Scooby's in the Back."

Zac gave the crowd a bit a treat by bringing out Hayley Williams, one-third of Paramore, to sing "As U Wave" and "Flowers", a sneak peak song from his upcoming EP. "Flowers" and "She Said", another sneak peak preformed, have a deeper timbre compared to his previous songs like "In the Summer" and "Someday."

We, over at Punk Junk, can't wait to hear what's next for him! In the end, the show was a blast; especially as he finished the set with a giant blowout and brought all of his friends and family on stage.

P.S did I mention that HalfNoise does not have an Apple Music "about" yet! Apple, we're talking to you... if you need someone to do the job, I can see about making room in my schedule.

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