alt-J with Marian Hill: Show Review

On their first visit to Nashville, the Philadelphia natives, Marian Hill, brought their tantalizing energy to the floor to hit the ground running.

The duo made up of Jeremy Lloyd, production artist, and Samantha Gongol, vocals, accompanied by their live bassists and saxophone player Steve, demanded to be listened to. With Jeremy's eccentric abilities on the keyboard and synthesizer and Samantha's powerhouse vocals, this duo truly demonstrated their passion for their work; and then right when the crowd starts to jam along, Steve shocks the crowd with an incredible saxophone solo.

Photo by: Olivia Amaral November 6th, 2017 @ Nashville Municipal Arena, Nashville TN

Photo: Olivia Amaral

The crowd anticipate the arrival of alt-J - you could feel the energy buzzing throughout the room. Although this is not their first time performing in Nashville (they have previously performed at the famed and iconic Grand ole Opry and Ryman Auditorium), this is their first time performing at this venue.

Before diving into the set, there is an honorable mention that needs to be shared... The lighting set-up for this show was phenomenal! They were separated in, what seemed to be, light cages. The whole stage was turned into a light show, which made the performance even more tantalizing to experience. The lighting only emphasized the show the starts with, alt-J leading with "3WW" which the mood of the song is very mellow before it builds onto "Tessellate", and then continues with this roller-coaster type set. Finally finishes with a three song encore of their most commercially popular songs. The night was a sensational performance to end a stormy night in Nashville.

Photo by: Olivia Amaral November 6th, 2017 @ Nashville Municipal Arena, Nashville TN

Photo: Olivia Amaral

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