Devon Werkheiser: EP Review

Yesterday, our very talented friend Devon Werkheiser released his long awaited EP, Chapter One. The record includes five brand new songs. “Miles” and “Revolution” were released as singles prior to the EP’s release. This is Werkheiser’s first release since 2017. The album starts off with “Miles,” which happens to be my favorite song on it. This song depicts his adventure seeking lifestyle, which he can be frequently seen exploring new places on his social media pages. But also just encouraging listeners to just live life, take some risks, and go for what you want.

“Revolution” being the next song on the EP kind of plays off the message of “Miles,” except now it’s talking about the weight of figuring out who you are and your place in the world. Which is extremely relatable, well at least to me it is. It tells you that you’re all you need to get through that type of rough mental patch and that you can always find a light at the end of the tunnel if you just keep searching.

We then have the song “Black & White” which to me, isn’t as simple as the title makes it out to be. This song holds my favorite lyric on the album, and talks about moving past fear and standing up for what you believe in, especially to those who tell you those beliefs are wrong. And if you’re ever feeling alone in that fight, there are other people out there who are on your side and think like you. Then at the end of the day, choosing to rule your life with love and care than fear and hatred.

“Tell ‘Em” is kind of a mixture of the messages of all the previous songs on the EP. It’s an upbeat tune with the message of when going gets tough, the tough getting going. And in order to grow you need to face fears and uncomfortableness because without that, you’ll just be stuck in the same place.

Finally, we have “S.O.S.” No, this is not a Jonas Brothers cover if you got excited for a second. To me, this song is about having conflicting opinions on where you should go and what you should do, but both those opinions are your own. We’ve all been at that crossroads trying to make a decision, trying to figure out which one is the right one. But at the end of the day, you’re at peace with your decision cause no matter what you made it for you, and no one else.

When I first spoke to Devon, I told him what my favorite song off of his previous album Prologue was. To which he then told me if I liked that song, I was really going to like this EP coming out in the spring. Needless to say, the man did not disappoint. This album is all about finding who you truly are and just being honest about that and standing up for that person. I’m a little mad at myself for taking until 2020 to discover that Devon released his own music, but I’m extremely glad I did. And I hope you all enjoy this new EP and the rest of his music as much as I do.

Click HERE to stream Devon's new EP!

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