Yungblud: Single Review

This is a WEIRD! time and we all acknowledge it. Many different artists have been doing their best to capture this point in history. Twenty One Pilots put out “Level of Concern” and JOJO has remixed her hit song “Leave (Get Out)” to encourage people to stay home, so of course hearing something from one of our favorite people was perfectly timed.

YUNGBLUD brings back some 80’s nostalgia with the cadence and overall feel of the song and a 90’s look with the single visuals. This single voices all of our thoughts about this pandemic and even if those thoughts can get dark or sad the beat keeps you dancing through it!

So maybe for today's Earth Day we all breath in that fresh air from our windows and porches and dance out those bad thoughts and feelings and do something for them… If we do our part in staying home we will get that moment (sooner rather than later) to share “earphones on the bus and wake up next to [someone] in Glasgow.”

This is truly a weird time in life.

Stream the single NOW with this link!


What Is Punk?


If you look at the Merriam-Webster definition of punk, you would find a motley of things. At Punk Junk Magazine, we believe in punk as a culture: a badass social interpretation built by those who are bold, electric, and unapologetically themselves. In our eyes, a punk is someone who fights for what they want regardless of obstacles or outside forces; they put their hearts and souls into their passions and make their dreams a reality. Being punk means being yourself, despite social norms and peer-pressure; punk is having a sense of awareness, respect for yourself and others, and an open mind. So to that, we say... why be a dreamer when you can be a PUNK! 

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