DREAMERS: Single Review

Photo by: Phil Knott

Only seven months after releasing their second album, Launch Fly Land, DREAMERS are already beginning to enter a new era with “Desensitize.” The song is about all the messed up and corrupt stuff that is currently going on in the world that we have somehow become desensitized to. The song gives a unique perspective as singer, Nick Wold, says he’s not always singing as himself. And explains how some of the lyrics are delivered “as a corporate moneyed interest who wants nothing more than for you to acclimate, to not notice, to desensitize.” Which is made much more apparent in the music video as the band is portrayed in a white shirt and tie, with masks to make themselves seem like a more polished, corporate type. This psychedelic tune is a call out and demanding that society be held accountable for what we’ve let it come to. This new song is now live on all streaming platforms, as well as the music video. And if that’s not enough, be sure to catch DREAMERS on the rest of their headlining tour this year.

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