VISTA: EP Review

Album artwork by Holly Turner

Since their last record release in 2017, VISTA has accomplished a lot: releasing numerous singles, completing five US tours, and more. We saw a band achieving great accomplishments and hitting record streams; what we didn’t see was a group struggling with the world they created to the point where it almost destroyed them. They gave the fans what they thought they wanted - a put together, professional, happy band. But what I think any fan wants from an artist is the truth, which has brought us to The Ruins.

The Ruins is VISTA’s first EP of three explaining their journey over the past few years. With haunting music and honest lyrics, fans are in for an emotional ride. Starting with the title track “The Ruins” as an eerie interlude for the record, it sets the mood for what's to come. Fading directly into the second track, “After Death,” which talks about the feeling of hitting rock bottom and how it can be a very lonely place to be. Not to mention the long term effects of that on your mental health and sometimes not admitting to yourself that you got that bad.

We are then welcomed to “Sin City.” Sin City is a place where you can forget you problems and let your mind get a little hazy, but you just want to escape because the reality is, you have to face your problems. You can’t make them disappear. We are then introduced to “I Don’t Need Help” featuring Okan Kazdal of NEVRLNDS. This song explores the mentality of lying to yourself. Denying the fact that you’ve been through something and you guessed it, not wanting to get help for that. Essentially making excuses that your life is what it is and you can handle it, while others notice a change in you. Finally, we approach the last song, “Novocaine.” It’s about finally coming to terms with the hurt you’ve been ignoring and breaking down, but not wanting to feel it. We all face issues in life and sometimes you think it’s just better to be numb than to feel hurt. This song has what seems like a loss of hope, which is where The Ruins leaves us.

This record is unlike any other music VISTA has put out. It’s honest and transparent. They put a lot into this record that they didn’t necessarily have to share with the world but they did. That’s a form of courage a lot of artists lack and that itself makes this album fantastic. It makes you feel the discouragement, loss, and grief this band felt. This album makes you understand to an incredible extent what it felt like to be in their personal ruins. VISTA took such vulnerable content and created what I personally would say is some of their best work to date. And I’m excited to see what The Repair and The Revival will bring us in the near future.

The Ruins will release Friday, October 25th. You can pre-save the album HERE.

Check out the trailer for their documentary In Ruins out November 12th HERE.

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