Yungblud: EP Review

Only about a year after his debut album was released, Yungblud has graced us with the release of his EP The Underrated Youth. As singles from this have been coming out since May, this was long awaited and obviously, we had very high hopes for it. The album opens with the song “Braindead!” which sounds like it came straight out of an 80s rock band’s garage, continuing with Yungblud’s heavily punk influenced style. Honestly, it kind of sounds like it belongs on an old Green Day record. Then comes "Parents," a song we all know and love and jam the heck out to at his shows. "Original Me" featuring Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons is the third song on the record. In the short time it’s been released, it has become a fan favorite as it gives the good ole Yungblud message of being you is an amazing thing and no one can strip you of that. The fourth song has been long awaited by so many fans, "Casual Sabotage." Yungblud has been seen performing this song for well over a year now so fans were concerned if they would ever get a recorded version of it. It’s a beautiful song with lots of emotion and probably what I would have anticipated the closest thing he would ever get to a ballad. "Hope For The Underrated Youth" is the second to last song on this album. HFTUY has become an anthem for the Black Hearts Club and all fans alike, which seems to be a theme with Yungblud’s music. Finally, I said I would have anticipated that "Casual Sabotage" is the closest thing to a ballad we’d get, if I hadn’t listened to the whole album first and heard "Waiting On The Weekend." This song is an acoustic love song with a dreamy like vibe. Dare I say, I would compare this song to one, Harry Styles. Overall, after 21st Century Liability, I had very high hopes for this EP. Somehow, those expectations were surpassed. I am once again blown away by Yungblud’s talent on this record. I can’t wait to see what this new era means for him, because I think we all know at this point he is on the fast track to taking over the world.


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