half•alive: Show Review

Taking Philadelphia by storm, Half Alive, stylized as half•alive, turned the Theatre of Living Arts into a dance party on Saturday night. The band, made up of singer and guitarist Josh Taylor, drummer Brett Kramer, and bassist J Tyler Johnson, filled the venue with fluorescent lights and electronic dance-pop. What sets this band aside is their performances and they showcased just that. JA Collective, a dance duo consisting of Jordan Johnson and Aiden Carberry, collaborated with the band to create a unique, movement-oriented show that even let the audience in on their routine. half•alive was adored by the crowd and lit up South Street for all of Center City to see, putting on a show that will not soon be forgotten. Be sure to check out half•alive on the remainder of their Now, Not Yet world tour!

Be sure to check out half•alive on the rest of their tour this year!

all photos taken by: Lexi Matuson

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