Interview with The Faim

This week we had the opportunity to talk to Stephen who plays bass & keyboard for The Faim. Currently on a co-headlining tour with Stand Atlantic and just released their debut album State of Mind this month. So we wanted to chat about their new release, how they're feeling about this tour, and how The Faim came to be.

First of all, I want to congratulate you guys on the release of your debut album. From what I’ve heard it’s very beautifully written. The first thing I did want to talk about is what you guys believe are the major differences between the Summer Is A Curse EP and this album?

One major difference is the musicality and sonic progression that’s come through touring. When the EP was written, we’d never played a show outside of our hometown of Perth. Since then we’ve played almost 200 shows around the world which has taught us so much about what we want to be writing and performing. This was then translated into the recording of the full length album.

Photo By: Michelle Hunder

Now, I’m curious. You started in 2014 as Small Town Heroes that had a pretty different sound til you became The Faim in 2016. Why did you guys decide to change your name? And did you decide to change your musical direction or did it just happen naturally?

The name change came along with changing our sonic direction, which was a natural step for the band at the time. It was a time of finding a sound that was unique to us and rebranding into the world that fit the new direction.

How does it feel to be co-headlining a US tour despite only playing the US a handful of times? What can fans expect from your live show? It’s very exciting to be back in the US! The shows so far have been nothing short of amazing. Fans can expect a unique, energetic show and lots of songs from the new album!

Finally, for our readers that might not know who you guys are, why should they check out your new album? And more importantly, why should they come see you on tour?

People can except a diverse range of sound that showcases the different musical influences of the band. We try something new with every song, so that nothing we do sounds the same. The live show is the essence of what we do, and it’s the reason why we became a band. We’re there to jam with our mates and have a good time, and at our shows, it’s that energy that we want to translate into the crowd. We want people to come to our shows, forget about what’s going on in the outside world, and have a good time.

Be sure to check out The Fair currently out with Stand Atlantic in an upcoming city!

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