Counterfeit.: Show Review

"It's like when you go and see a really great band live for the first time, you know? And nobody's saying it, but everyone's thinking it: we have something to believe in again.” - Unknown

Our Friday the 13th was complete after hearing the new album one of our all time favorites, Counterfeit. If you don't already know- Counterfeit. is a punk rock band from London, fronted by rocker and actor Jamie Campbell Bower. They recently went on a mini North American tour to present their upcoming album and we can't wait for it to drop!

This tour gave the fans an intimate experience with their upcoming album- and MAN! was it wild.

Prior to the concert, we discussed what we thought was going to happen with this tour. We heard that the band was only going to play their new album and we were curious how the crowd interaction was going to pan out considering the audience only knew the current single (released a week prior). We were intrigued and excited as we walked into this unknown.

What we found was better than we could have ever expected! This band has always been amazing with crowd interaction but even with an audience with no knowledge of the songs being performed, they kept us all engaged. This tour was not just about the music but also about the stories, vulnerability, and life experiences behind this album. Each song was explained with great passion and with an emphasis on love, anger, community, politics and opening the communication on mental illness.

Their new sound is as diverse as the topics it covers; influences can be heard from Nine Inch Nails, to the use of an energetic bass line that mirrors those normalized in pop music top ten.

We're so excited to see what this new, and exciting, chapter brings for Counterfeit and we are so happy to be along for the ride.

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Full Gallery: All photographs by Olivia Amaral

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