Nella Vita Pop Up Event

Photo by: Jordan Mizrahi

Bands are always looking for new ways to give back to their fans. Whether it’s merch giveaways, listening parties, or just meeting them. Well, Grayscale went over the top and did all of this, and then some. To celebrate the release of their new album, Nella Vita, that comes out on September 6th the band traveled across the country and put together 5 pop up events in 5 cities. Luckily for me, Boston was one of them. Heading into it, I didn’t really know what to expect. The band described it as a “party to celebrate the release of the album.” Each event was capped off at 75 to 100 attendees. Obviously, that made people want to lineup early. We got there very early as well many other people and spent our day sitting on a sidewalk making new friends and playing games like Apples to Apples. After a venue change and running a couple hours late (no shade, it was completely out of the bands control!), it was time to celebrate Nella Vita. Grayscale played “Painkiller Weather,” “Atlantic,” & “In Violet” acoustically for us and then the party began. I first went and got a polaroid with the singer, Collin, to then decorate a little frame for it that they had at an arts and crafts table. From there, we went to see the magician, Vinnie, who kept us preoccupied for a bit. I mean, who doesn’t love magic? Finally it was our group's turn to go for the pinata. Andrew was in charge of the pinata, and let’s just say he was being a little cheatsy by holding it up and making people miss. In every pinata, there were a few easter eggs. Weird, right? They ended up holding tickets for their show in Boston in October. So anyone that was in our group that didn’t have tickets ended up with free ones. Some friends even won free CDs by killing it at “Pin the Manbun onto Veno” game. There was also lots of merch to buy, including the album two weeks prior to it’s release, and a station to listen to the album. Overall, I don’t think I’ve seen a band put together something like this for fans before. There was a lot of dedication from fans, literally waiting hours outside in the sun, but obviously a lot put into this from the band. I’ve been saying it since I left, but my face hurt from smiling and laughing so much at the event and I left with about a dozen new friends. If you like a band and they ever do a pop up like this, please go. It’ll be an unforgettable time that you won’t mind sitting on a sidewalk for 13 hours.

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