Cheers For 10 Years

Ten year anniversaries are a big deal. Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary with a loved one, or your favorite band is celebrating ten years of being together, it’s special. Albums are different though. Being able to celebrate the ten year anniversary of an album is an achievement in itself, but it also can show that these artists created music that has withstood time and trends to still remain some of our favorites. For the rest of 2019, we’re going to be sharing with you some of our favorite albums that are turning 10 this year.

Love Drunk by Boys Like Girls

Release Date: September 8th, 2009

My Favorite Songs: Heart Heart Heartbreak, The Shot Heard ‘Round The World, & Go

Boys Like Girls will always have a special place in my heart. I started listening to them when I was probably 11 years old and they’re some hometown favorites for me. Now at 24 years old, I still listen to a large handful of their music - specifically from their Love Drunk album. This is a summer album, through and through. It does have a few ballads like “Go” and “Two is Better Than One” featuring Taylor Swift, but even those you want to have at the highest volume with the windows down singing along with your friends. And no one can deny that 10 years after its release, the title track “Love Drunk,” is still a high tier bop.

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Picture Perfect by Every Avenue

Release Date: April 15th, 2009

My Favorite Songs: Tell Me I’m A Wreck, Picture Perfect, Saying Goodbye

This band and this album specifically will literally never get old for me. One of the main themes of this album is growing as a person, which obviously can be really difficult. But also, everyone is always becoming a better person and growing up everyday. That’s why I think this album still really hits home for a lot of people because you never stop. The lead single “Tell Me A Wreck” resonated with people from the day it was released. Every single song on this album relates to a minimum of a handful of people out in the world. Every Avenue has always been one of the few band breakups that I wish they hadn’t but I’m so happy I got to experience them from row at venues with no barricade several times and I’ll never take those memories for granted.

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