Chase Atlantic: Show Review

I have to say, watching Chase Atlantic grow from doing their first US tour before their first album release to selling out venues on a headlining tour after their sophomore album dropped has been incredible. The first time I saw those guys onstage, I was in awe of their stage presence and how it demanded attention from the crowd. After two years, none of that has changed. The Paradise Rock Club was packed wall to wall with excited fans. I even saw some people lined up hours before doors.

Lauren Sanderson opened for the group and the crowd was very excited. Sometimes when it comes to openers, there’s maybe a handful of fans who know every word to every song. That was not Lauren’s case at all. Fans in the crowd were screaming back every word to every single song she played. Her energy was insane and she was so genuinely happy to be on stage. I don’t think she stopped smiling her whole set. Clearly she was the proper opener for this tour.

Chase Atlantic came on soon after, opening with their song “Angels.” As this is the Phases tour, based off their sophomore album title, most of the setlist was centered around those songs. But they did throw in some old bangers like “Drugs & Money” and “Okay.” They even had visuals through out the show from videos of the band members in a music video fashion to lyrics on the screens. Chase Atlantic shows transport you to their own world that is filled with neon lights, fog, and excited fans. Overall, the show was just pure insanity. Fans were over the moon, having an amazing time and of course, so were we. Be sure to check out Chase Atlantic on the rest of the Phases tour and their new album PHASES now available on all streaming platforms!

All Photos by: Mitchie Sickles

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