An Interview with Tauri

Tauri is an Experimental Pop and RnB artist based in Los Angeles, California. Her music is a rich combination of electronic and acoustic instrumentation paired with catchy vocals and highly rhythmic hooks. Her musical goals are to create something fresh and authentic without pretense.

I’m interested, is Tauri your real name or is it an artist name? If it’s an artist name, how did you come up with it?

Tauri is just a stage name I figured out with some friends. I think the reasoning behind it had something to do with my middle name being Victoria and my astrological sign being Taurus. My actual name is Nicole but I don’t think that’s quite as bad-ass.

It seems like with the release of “Time 2 Kill” you created a new image that I would describe as the 1990s mixed with internet sensation Lil Miquela. Why the sudden change?

I’ve been trying to approach each single release with content and imagery that seem suited to the release itself rather than attempting to embody any specific aesthetic all of the time. Each one of my songs is really special to me and I think they all deserve their own tailored form of presentation.

“Time 2 Kill” was written and produced with a sort of “tongue in cheek” energy. We wanted people who listened to the track to be aware that it was meant to be an homage to pop music just as much as it was meant to parody it. When we were planning the shoot for the artwork, we were basically looking at old “Easy-Bake Oven” ads and watching Nsync videos. I never thought of the Lil Miquela comparison until now but I will admit she has great taste.

What has been the biggest difference for you with the release of “Time 2 Kill” versus your past singles?

My producer (NewStatic) and I really just let ourselves get weird with this one. There was a point where we were sure that no one would like the track anyway so we just decided to make it what we wanted to hear. Ironically, the decisions we made with that mindset seem to be the main aspects of the song that fans are responding to the most.

Can we expect your first music video to drop for this new single?

That completely depends on whether we can find the time and budget to do it. As much as we’d love to make a music video, we don’t want to put out anything we feel doesn’t meet our standards.

You seem to always have music to post as you’ve released 3 singles in the past 3 months. How much time do you spend in the studio? With all these releases, should we expect an EP sooner rather than later?

For the time being, we’ve been really happy releasing our music as singles since it allows us to adequately promote and prepare each piece of music we release. Either I or NewStatic are in the “studio” just about every day for 5 to 8 hours just trying things out or polishing a track. It helps that we do almost all of the work from my apartment where I’m lucky enough to have a pretty decent recording/mixing space where my living room should be.

A lot of the music industry nowadays is making sure you stand out and you have created a unique genre for yourself. How did you find your sound? If you had describe your sound using other artists, who would they be?

The sound really just comes from the things we like. There was never really a point where we were like ‘Ok, let’s make a banger that sounds like *insert artist here*’. Finding the Tauri sound really came down to giving myself the freedom to do whatever I thought sounded best without trying to cater to anyone’s interests but without alienating them in the name of artistry.

In general, I listen to a lot of music but some of our favorites lately have been Anderson.Paak, Low Roar, Pig Destroyer, and Sia. A lot of stoner metal, especially “Arc” by Agoraphobic Nosebleed feat. Kat Katz, was a major jumping off point when we were writing the basslines and rhythm sections in “T2K”.

Finally, why should people check out your newest single, “Time 2 Kill”?

I mean, it’s pretty sick.

Photo by: @tyferg

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