Two Door Cinema Club: Album Review

Last week indie rock band Two Door Cinema Club 4th studio album “False Alarm.” The band has always tethered the line between strange and mainstream with a unique sound and continue to do so with this latest release. Their first single, “Talk” was released in March earlier this year and although fans and critics alike seemed to think it was one of the band’s strangest sounding singles yet, it was met with fairly likeable reviews. The rest of the album follows it’s lead with a generally fun sounding soundtrack. It’s filled with dancey songs that easily make you feel like you’ve taken a trip to a different planet. The Northern Ireland band have taken many risks on the album that all really pay off in the long run such as messing around with singer Alex Trimble’s voice in throwing the pitch all over the place in the best ways and the different synth-like sounds booming through each track. It’s strong tracks are definitely “Nice To See You,” “Once,” “Think,” and “So Many People.”

Make sure to check them out on their UK/Europe tour this summer or the North American leg this fall!

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