Interview with Sebastian Danzig

Last week The Funeral Tour kicked off in Worcester for Palaye Royale’s final Boom Boom Room era tour. There, we caught up with Sebastian to talk about the end of an era, the beginning of a new one, and of course, his puppy Mishka.

Since this is the end of the BBR era, are you guys going to take an actual break to record or just not stop again?

This is the first time we’re not gonna say anything. We normally give away everything. This is the first time after this cycle because normally we have so much that we always tell people and the problem was with Side B coming out, we were always like “it’s coming.” Then when it came out it wasn’t like “Oh it came out!” Unfortunately, I’m not gonna say anything cause it holds against me all the time now.

What are you going to miss the most and/or least about this era?

I genuinely will miss playing these songs because I love them, and Remington & Emerson have kind of grown out of them. And definitely won’t miss SO much. It’s like, the shows are the best. The hours meeting the fans, always the best. But dealing with like the level of professionalism where we’re at, we’re just at that point of teetering in between big rooms and small clubs. So when you jump to the next level, your team becomes so much more pro and you can rely on people and everyone around to do the best thing. And they always have your best interest at heart and no one’s out there just for a paycheck, they genuinely want to be a part of it. So I’m looking forward to not having to deal with that anymore.

So are you not going to tell us anything about the new era, at all?

No, because it’s just like, this is the first time I’m excited cause nobody knows what’s happening. We’re the only three and no one’s slipped yet, no one’s sent music to anyone. Even friends we haven’t even shared it with. We’re keeping it to ourselves. Normally, we’ll always send it to our friends in bands and get their approval, but right we’re like “We don’t give a fuck.” We know what we’re doing right now and we like what we’re doing. It’s so inspiring to wake up and be excited about what we’re doing.

Are you guys playing any new songs on this tour?

That was the problem too. We’d be doing so many cool tours with like Stone Sour, Halestorm, and all these festivals. So we’d bring out songs like “Masochist”, it’s heavier, and “Fucking With My Head”, and we play a song called “Cocaine” then “Wasted.” So it was all of these mature sounding songs because we finally added a bass player into the mix of our writing. It’s a completely different dynamic … the conceptions of these new songs are just us sitting in a room with each other, we can go play them every night, and we can record them without having to hire anyone. It’s really exciting for that, so I think like playing those songs on this tour, but we’ve had to hold ourselves back. We’ve played like, six songs, but it’s funny cause we’ve written so many new songs that we don’t even know if those will make the record.

You guys are always super ahead of the curve when it comes to merch, is that on purpose or is it just who Palaye is?

It’s funny cause the palette came out of Remington just wanting his own palette with colors he likes and wears and we were just like “wait.” That really sparked the whole thing. Emerson is so talented with dealing with the business side of things. Everybody’s like “where are you getting this done?” And we’re just like, Emerson just has relationships with people around the world that he works with. I think since it’s all coming from like Emerson’s mind and Remington’s conception of things is such a cool thing. We like cool shit and we’re just like “Alright, let’s do it.” We’re doing silk pajamas, we’re doing sunglasses but with Remington’s X and cross on them, we’re doing nail polish, we’re doing a perfume line. We have a plan to put it all out, but we don’t wanna over saturate it too. Of course, this stuff helps us fund touring and doing what we love, but we do this cause we like seeing our audience look like we’re starting to style our audience. It’s a cool thing, like you know when you see a Palaye fan. You’re building this community around fashion and everything we’ve ever stood for.

Some people feel as though you guys are manipulating your fans by doing contests for merch designs. What are your thoughts on that?

The thing is, we pay a lot of these kids. I’m like, do you want free merch or do you want to be paid? And I’ll pay them as much I’d pay the guy at the label, but they won’t know our style. It looks like clipart, but the fans know exactly what I love. And it’s an outlet for them, there’s so many kids who I’m like “what the fuck? This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.” I’m incredibly inspired by look at their artwork, because they’re inspired listening to our music and it’s like this back and forth.

Oh - we want to talk about Mishka (Sebastian’s puppy) What was the decision to bring her out with you guys?

I never had my own dog, but with my girlfriend her dog passed right when we first started dating. So she didn’t have one for like four months then one day she was like “I need a dog, you’re not here.” Which is funny cause she travels just as much, if not more than I do. She’s in London right now. So I was like “I’ll take care of the dog” cause I didn’t want someone in LA taking care of it. It’s been like the best thing cause like I’ve had to take a step back. I have to have a responsibility, I have to be up at a certain time, it’s as if I have a legitimately baby. It’s nice to have a responsibility, but it’s also nice to be able to say “Nah, I’m not going out tonight.” I’ve actually become closer to Emerson because he doesn’t go out and party. It’s just nice to have a responsibility, and I’m so lucky to be at this point in my career. I legit know how hard I worked to get to this point and I know how quickly it can be taken away. I just want to continue growing and to be a better person. I’m still being myself, but I’m being cautious about where I am in this world.

Anything else coming up for 2019 that you can tell us about?

We’re doing Reading & Leeds, we’re doing an Australian tour. Then I think we’re doing Asia, which is gonna be so fucking great. Then we’ll do some one off festivals, then I think we’re done. I think it’s time to like, take a mental break. I want to take a step back and revisit myself, before I enter the world again. I’m so lucky, but if we don’t put on a good show the kids aren’t gonna come back. I’m still going to be traveling, still going to be working on everything art wise. I think it’s alright for people to miss us. This is the last tour we’re going to do in America for the Boom Boom Room cycle. The Final Boom was going to be it, but we were like, we haven’t given enough life to it. We’re gonna get a house again together, and for us to be able to just yell at each other, be brothers, and write music, and hate everything we do and love everything we do. Emerson said it perfectly when he said “I left for tour when I was 17, I’m about to turn 23 and I don’t know what the fuck happened.” It’s crazy that we can see when we played the shows, but everything else around it, I feel like I’ve lost my sense of reality. I love the schedule we have and I love working on everything, and people are just like “you guys are crazy.” But I’m just like “I love it!”

Be sure to check out Palaye Royale on the rest of The Funeral tour.

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Full Gallery: All photographs by Olivia Amaral

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