Yungblud: Show Review

Last week, we attended the Loner tour in Boston, MA. It was a sold out show and, as you can imagine, it was packed wall to wall with fans excited to see SAINT PHNX and Yungblud.

Typically, Yungblud meets the first 50 fans inside before the show begins, but for some reason today was different. He came outside and went down the line for a bit meeting fans. Once inside, SAINT PHNX started the show and the crowd went nuts for them. They were jamming out to each song whether they knew the words or not. They even opened up the pit for one song as well. After their set, fans flocked to the merch table to meet our beloved Scotsmen.

Then Yungblud took the stage. Obviously, the crowd went absolutely insane, but after attending a lot of Yungblud shows, we could tell this one is different. During “I Love You, Will You Marry Me?” Dom even mouthed the phrase “what the fuck?” while staring at the crowd in awe. That happened a few times throughout the night and there seemed to be some tears in his eyes as well. The audience was overall just happy to be there and singing and dancing along all night. And as always, there were the pink hearts up in the air for “Kill Somebody.” That sight never gets old and I hope it stays a tradition for a very long time.

Overall, the show was great and the crowd was just as spectacular. And as a Boston crowd does, they also opened up the pit for “Machine Gun (F*CK THE NRA).” Dom and SAINT PHNX met people after the show and then went on their merry way to the next city. I can not stress this enough, but go to a show on the Loner tour. It’s great energy with great people, not only in the bands but also on their very hardworking crews. You’ll definitely regret missing out on these small room tours cause we all know, that isn’t going to last much longer.

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Full Gallery: All photographs by Olivia Amaral

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