Women in Music: Eleanore Hayes

"My vision is to write words that speak truth into people - reminding all of us that there is peace even in the storms." - Eleanore Hayes

Eleanore Hayes is a singer/songwriter from a small beach town on the east coast of Florida currently based in Nashville, TN. She writes folk music with poetic lyrics and slight influences of jazz. Her goal through songwriting is to remind listeners of the beauty found in the simple things in life, and that they are seen, heard and loved.

Tell us a little bit about your vision for music?

The vision for my music is to remind listeners that they are seen and understood. The power of music and songwriting is that it provides us a voice or words when we don’t have any. As a songwriter, my vision is to write words that speak truth into people - reminding all of us that there is peace even in the storms. My goal for my songs, is that when people hear the music and lyrics, they would be reminded a little more about who they are and what their identity is.

Who are a few artists that have influenced your sound?

Paul Simon is one of my favorite writer/artists of all time- I love his whimsical and creative lyrics. Norah Jones is also someone I have drawn a lot of inspiration from. I grew up listening to her, and I always was drawn the peaceful atmosphere she created with her songs-- her lyrics and music always seem to be filled with the perfect amount of imagery and emotion.

Could you tell us about your writing process?

This is a question I never know how to answer, but I love trying to answer. For me, most times the lyrics come first. I keep an extensive list of lines and ideas on my phone, and will usually pick one and work form there. Then I will find a melody/chord progression that work with the message of the song. I write on both guitar and piano, usually picking the instrument based on the feel I want for the song. But sometimes this is all reversed, and I have a musical idea that then inspires the lyric. Honestly, it just depends on the day.

Could you tell us about the meaning behind the songs?

So the first single I’m releasing is “Tidal Pool”. This is a song I wrote last summer while visiting California. I went on a day trip to Santa Cruz, and spent many hours exploring the coastline. Wading through the tidal pools, every once in a while a wave would come out of nowhere and crash down on the tidal pools. Yet without the water, the tidal pools would not be able to support life and would dry up. Through this image, I was reminded of how often the hardest parts of life come crashing down on us and we have nowhere to go. Yet, even in the biggest waves, peace is can be found in the storms.

My second single, “East of Eden”, came from a prompt to write a song from a fictional character or book. I drew inspiration from the book East of Eden by John Steinbeck and the Garden of Eden story from the Bible. The message of the song is that sometimes when things are “perfect” they are not actually good. That in any relationship or circumstance, messy honesty is better than perfect pretense.

What are your plans moving forward?

My plans for the summer include more recording, as I attempt to record my first EP back home. I will be back to Nashville in the fall, and will be playing some shows and writers rounds after my EP is released. I am very interested in the “Van Life” and after graduation, my goal is to set up a home base in Nashville while living full time in a renovated van. This way I can travel/tour and see more of the country while also pursuing songwriting and music full time.

It's an exiting week for Eleanore; her first single "Tidal Pool" debuts on April 16th and her second single, "East of Eden," launches on April 24th. Make sure you're following her so you don't miss out!

Want more?

Check on the link below to listen to Eleanore's music and follow her on social media!


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