The Mowgli's: Contest Announcement

Along with hanging out with Arrested Youth in Atlanta, our team also got to spend the day with the incredible band, The Mowgli's. At this point, I think you guys know what happens when we spend the day with someone - disposable cameras and lots and lots of one of a kind photos. Unlike our last contest, we have TWO cameras and LOTS more photos. So we will be picking TWO winners this time!

To Enter:

1. You must be following us on Instagram (@punkjunkmag) [We WILL be checking]

2. Like the post and tag 2 friends!


THERE WILL BE TWO WINNERS! Good luck to all who enter!

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If you look at the Merriam-Webster definition of punk, you would find a motley of things. At Punk Junk Magazine, we believe in punk as a culture: a badass social interpretation built by those who are bold, electric, and unapologetically themselves. In our eyes, a punk is someone who fights for what they want regardless of obstacles or outside forces; they put their hearts and souls into their passions and make their dreams a reality. Being punk means being yourself, despite social norms and peer-pressure; punk is having a sense of awareness, respect for yourself and others, and an open mind. So to that, we say... why be a dreamer when you can be a PUNK! 

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