A Day With tiLLie

“Life is fucking short and there’s no point in waiting around to be yourself” - tiLLie (2019).

Funny story - this day with tiLLie start pretty normal. We met up with her outside the venue, said hello, went inside to get comfortable, and then started chatting while Cherry Pools finished their soundcheck. tiLLie was asking Olivia and I about Punk Junk Magazine and all that fun stuff and then we realized tiLLie was going to be our first full female A Day In The Life with feature. It only took about six months but ya know what, it’s finally happening - and that’s what matters.

I will say, this was definitely a special feature to finally do because we have been following tiLLie for years. So, to not only finally see her perform live but also work with her on this was insane and awesome at the same time. So we kind of got to the venue and settled in, and nailed down the schedule a bit, while Cherry Pools was finishing their soundcheck. Once they completed, we got the pleasure of watching tiLLie soundcheck. Which, if you follow us on Instagram, you got a sneak peek of that as well. Soundcheck was fairly short but went well, didn’t seem to be any problems or complaints.

After soundcheck, we popped into the green room so tiLLie could get started on her makeup. As were in a bit of a time crunch, we decided to do our little interview while she did it. First off, we were extremely curious to see how the tour was going, as it was her first full cross country tour. Unexpectedly so, tiLLie told us the enthusiasm from the long time fans, and new ones discovering her for the first time, on this tour has just been awesome. She told us “my favorite part of every show is like hearing young girls come up to me and just like saying how my music has helped them.” In short, so far this tour has been super “validating and inspiring.”

We were also very interested on how things have been since the release of her EP, Loud Mouth, which at this point it had been about three weeks since then. She addressed it had been a long time she had put out music, but this EP is 100% her. It’s main theme is female empowerment which, if you know anything about tiLLie, that’s not shocking. She said the most rewarding part is hearing about all these new songs are resonating with people whether they’ve been following her for years and their first taste was her performance that night. tiLLie also revealed that releasing music did take so long as she spent a majority of 2018 meeting with labels, to which she actually said no to both deals. “It felt like I was going to have to compromise my vision too much and I wasn’t willing to do that.” So she spent the rest of the year just writing and working on music. She told us she wrote enough music for an entire album (so fingers crossed that’s sooner than we think).

Speaking of music, looking back at the release of her single “Hungover On A Feeling,” we know there was some promotional issues as the song was described as being “written the night after Donald Trump was elected.” Instagram essentially blocked the post from being promoted because “it’s a political message.” “I swear, Instagram has been fucking with me ever since then too, my engagement has been so whack ever since… but fuck it, whatever. I’m not gonna stop speaking my mind.”

Going off of topics tiLLie is passionate about, we wanted to know if there was ever a pivotal moment for her where she realized how sexist the music industry was and how that affected her. She didn’t necessarily pinpoint an exact moment, but she did have a fairly optimistic view. She said it did seem like the industry is getting better, and she loves every male that is on her team. But she did talk about how there tends to be competition between women in the industry because we all just seem to be fighting for our own chair at the boys’ table. “Listen - we don’t need to all be fighting for the same seat at the boys club. Let’s just start our own fucking club where we can all have a chair” tiLLie said. Essentially, we all agreed it’s better to work together than against each other in this type of scenario.

As many of you know, “loud mouth” isn’t exactly a name you want to be called. It means you’re loud, obnoxious, and in their face. tiLLie created this in hopes that the music gave people the confidence to reclaim words like “loud mouth” or “crazy” cause a lot of those words are used to criticize women. Meanwhile, men could show the same behavior and be considered a badass or a boss. tiLLie explained that “as I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned that being bossy, having a strong opinion, being emotional are valuable assets and something that I’m really proud of.” Hopefully this is the type of empowerment listeners are taking from “Loud Mouth,” I know we definitely did.

We ended on a bit of a heavier note during our interview with tiLLie. We asked about her music evolution over the years because the transition from her singles she’s been releasing since 2017 to this new EP has basically a 180. From a fan standpoint, it almost seem like a switch was flipped and tiLLie just stop giving a fuck about anyone else’s opinion and just did what she wanted. Turns out, that switch flip was mainly due to her brother passing away last year. She described the her before that tragedy and the her after seem “lifetimes apart.” The final steps of the production process for Loud Mouth can simply be described as “Fuck this, I’m not making any compromises” tiLLie said.

We all know some times, it can be hard to express yourself the way you want, especially if you don’t have a group to support you in that. So we finally decided to ask tiLLie to talk about the beautiful Glitter Gang. The Glitter Gang is essentially the fanbase for tiLLie. She describes them as “the name is the juxtaposition of glitter is like this cute sparkly thing, then the gang is this tough united front. So it’s this tough united front of empowered people. Where we like, promote positivity and unitedness and all that good shit, but we don’t take any shit either.” So in short, feel free to join our little gang that is all over social media.

tiLLie finally finished her makeup, with some lighting assistance from Ally as the lighting in the green room was horrendous. We chatted a bunch about some cool stuff she has in store for 2019 and just some fun stories. Despite being a small crowd, it was so much fun. The kids in the crowd seemed really into the set and tiLLie definitely gained some new fans there as well. At the end of the night, we surprised tiLLie with some jackets we made. We were originally going to give one away, but tiLLie loved it so much we let her keep it.

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Full Gallery: All photographs by Olivia Amaral

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