Living Proof Tour: Show Review

Last week, I attended State Champ’s biggest headlining show to date. Sold out at the House of Blues, the Living Proof tour was finally in Boston and I was more than excited to not only be going but covering the show. Fans were lined up for HOURS before the show in hopes of securing barricade for themselves. It was also the hometown show of the tour for supporting band, Our Last Night, so energy and expectations were extremely high for this show.

Grayscale opened up the show, and were the band I was most excited for on the lineup. As most of their setlist was songs from their latest album, Adornment, the crowd still lost it when they played “Palette” off one of their earlier releases. Once Grayscale came to a close, we had the pleasure of enjoying The Dangerous Summer. At first, I was intrigued about their position on the lineup. But once I saw the crowd’s reaction, it all made complete sense. Then as expected, the crowd went wild for Our Last Night. Not only was it a hometown show, but it was also the day after their new album Let Light Overcome dropped. They even graced us with their cover of “Humble” by Kendrick Lamar, which they released in 2017. Finally, it was time for State Champs to hit the stage. They opened with the first track of off Living Proof, “Criminal.” And luckily for long time fans, they played a fair amount of songs off their album, The Finer Things, as well.

Whether you discovered State Champs on the main stage this past summer at Warped Tour or saw them playing to much smaller crowds on their first tour, you were probably at this show in Boston and we’re all just excited to be there seeing them play. The crowd’s energy was absolutely insane and they definitely put security on the barricades to work. With just a few shows left on this tour, be sure to make it out if they’ll be in your city. I don’t think anyone wants to miss this.

Want more? Check out the bands here!

State Champs

Our Last Night

The Dangerous Summer


All Photo Credit to: Ally Hibbard

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