Bronze Radio Return: Album Review

It would not be a proper start to a new month without a late night review! Hailing from Hartford, Connecticut, Bronze Radio Return dropped their twelve song album Entertain You on February 22, 2019. Originally teased with a few songs released as singles and EP's we are stoked to hear the whole collection as one. If you miss the hype of 80's synth pop or even New Wave, Bronze Radio Returns Entertain You, gives major 80's nostalgia with a rock twist that keeps it current and keeps you guessing. This record feels like everything that is right with pop-rock right now. Very up-beat and fun to listen to! If they were not in your daily mix before, they should now. For fans of: U2, Alt-J, The Fixx, ABC, Duran Duran, and The Tom Tom Club For more follow the band on their socials:





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