Oceanlux: Single Review

Of course, February is the month of Valentine's Day and love, unless you're Oceanlux. At the beginning of the month, Oceanlux released their single "Hurt Me Harder," which some could potentially an anti-valentine's day anthem. The electric duo combine upbeat music with introspective lyrics. What more could you want when you're alone of V-Day? Not only is the song catchy as heck, but the music video is eye catching as well. To match the electronic, upbeat music - the video is extremely vibrant with colors creating an environment you can't keep your eyes off of. I do have to say, this song has been stuck in my head since I first heard it so sorry in advance (but not really)! Be sure to go check out their new music video and add this to your anti-Valentine's Day playlist so you can dance around to it in your room!

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