Highwind: Single Review

On December 14th, Highwind released their debut single with a music video for their song Afterlife (How’ve You Been?) I could definitely see this band opening for artists like As It Is or Yellowcard (rest in peace to that legendary band.) Despite it’s rock melody, Afterlife (How’ve You Been?) talks about dealing with the passing of a loved one. Even though death is an extremely

heavy subject and referencing missing people, but it also brings up the fact that despite losing people there can still be signs that show that they are there in your life. Such as the lyrics “The closest thing I have to seeing you is this cardinal that’s here to stay.” This song is just a lovely reminder that losing a loved one will suck no matter what, but you can look on the much brighter side of things and remember of the amazing, shining person that you were once lucky enough to have by your side.

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Afterlife (How've You Been?) Music Video




Artwork by: Kris Khunachak Multimedia

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