The Fivers: EP Review

Back for more! The Fivers have put out their album In Stock and Out of Style November 30th. It is an elevated form of their previous sound. They still have that similar vibe of 60's punk rock, but this time around they have definitely started to fine tune what they are looking for in their sound. You can feel that there is more cohesion between the each of the tracks and you can identify the relationship between each one. They still have that iconic heavy bass line that moves the music forward and that west coast vibe that runs through every track. My current favorite track at the moment has to be "Used to Meet" and "Figure it Out". they are just different enough from the rest of the songs that they stand out and still keep to the theme of the album. "used to Meet" is quirky and light tune that breaks up the album very well. " Figure it Out" stands out to me because of the flex in the vocals and the soothing bass playing along side the guitar.

Keeping it classic yet bringing your own sound to the platform is hard to do and I would like to say The Fivers are original with that slight hint of bands we know and love.

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bandcamp: https://thefivers.bandcamp.com/album/in-stock-out-of-style

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thefiversofficial/

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