Long Gone: Single Review

The Chicago trio that go by Long Gone have officially made their debut with their single “Heads Down.” The song showcases catchy pop lyrics with bits of rock elements thrown in there as well. This song very easily gets stuck in your head as I literally was singing it all day after I first heard it.

Members Trevor, Patrick, and Matt all came together after recently leaving other projects. All three agreed it was great to have a fresh start with completely new music to show how they have all grown as musicians since they were with their last bands. As this is Long Gone’s debut, they clearly have a lot more in store for us, but I can tell that with this single this band totally has a bright future ahead of them.

This band is definitely for fans of All Time Low and The Summer Set. Be sure to give this single a listen, Long Gone may be your new favorite band!

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Artwork: Kaitlyn Johnson

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