Holding Out: EP Review

A four piece from Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, Holding Out, are coming out with their latest release FED.UP out everywhere December 7th 2018. We don't want to give too much away but man, is this SOMETHING! This EP review will be more of a track lasting so you can see the difference between each song because honestly, each track is so different from one another it would be an injustice to do a generic review.

Photo: Nico Drysdale

"Sleeper": one of the longer tracks on this EP, "Sleeper" is definitely one of the more upbeat songs. It opens with a simple synth beat that sounds as if it came from a controller pad. As an added bonus, the band sample an iconic vine voice over that was just too perfect! As the song progresses you can the instruments start to build on top of each other giving the song multiple layers and constantly keeping the listener entertained. The vocals are used as another layer instead of a "staring piece" like many artists do which is extremely refreshing, especially since the vocals do not even come in until almost halfway through the song. The song's dynamics gives it a wave formation with its use of breaks and build ups only intensifying the depth of this track.

"With Enemies like These": If you like pop punk staples, you'll like this one! With what sounds to be influences from Suicidal Tendencies, Bowling for Soup and Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!, this song plays with multiple elements that you can find in each one of these varying types of punk.

"Posh Adam": This is one of the more hardcore songs and the track opens with a call and response between the percussion and guitar. As it builds, it focus more on the minor scales giving the song more of a melodramatic feel.

"Whatever, Whatever You Want": By the time you have made it to this song, it is amazing to hear how much variety there is in the vocals on each track coming from both vocalists, Ellis Paul and Tomm Money.

"Machines": This track really displays the abilities of drummer, Ryan Hubbard, and the guitar styling of both Ellis Paul and Jason Toward.

"Behind the Eyes": This acoustic beauty is the shortest song of the EP but man does this pack a punch with how much of an impact the lyrics have; stripping the song down helped emphasis the lyrics and the beauty of the song is only heightened by its simplicity.

Make sure you download the EP on December 7th!

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