Aaron Shadrow: Album Review

Well, I told you there would be a First Touch review up this week. Luckily, our wait was a little shorter cause Aaron gave us an exclusive listen to his debut album, and let me tell y’all: you ain’t ready.

First Touch combines synth and 80’s pop music- you can almost picture Kelly Kapowski and Zack Morris having a slow dance to this album at their Bayside High School dance. But on top of that, each song has their own unique sound as well. “Her Name” definitely gives off a more hyped up, dancing vibes. While other songs like “Eyes Without A Face” and “You’re On The Phone, I’m On The Freeway” give more melodic tones with heartfelt lyrics. Meanwhile the title track, “First Touch” is a beautifully composed synthetic instrumental piece. Definitely a different type of title track, but nevertheless it did the album justice.

Aaron Shadrow himself is definitely a different and unique personality which completely shines through on his debut album. It gives a great mixture of raw emotion and funky vibes. Personally, I would never consider this in the realm of music I listen to, but you can definitely catch me bumping this album for the next month.

Photo: Kate Skerlan

First Touch comes out this Tuesday, December 4th on anywhere you listen to music.

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