Aaron Shadrow: Single Review

On November 27th, Aaron Shadrow released his newest single called “Her Name.” With it’s electronic style, the song basically teleports you back to 2008 to a time where you were still editing your MySpace page- it’s kind of the lovechild of Cobra Starship, Metro Station, and a little bit of Jeffree Star. This track definitely makes you wanna dance while also reflecting on the deeper meaning of the song, which is wanting to be with someone while you’re with someone else. It’s following that really popular trend of having semi-depressing lyrics and meanings with super dancey music. As Paramore once said, Cry Hard Dance Harder, am I right?

Definitely recommend checking out this single as it is the beginning of much more to come from Shadrow. In fact, his next album, First Touch, will be released on December 4th; we may or may not be reviewing that next week as well.

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Photo: Kate Skerlan (@kate_skerlan)

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