Red, Hot and Haunting!: EP Review

Sarah and the Safe Word

Released October 26th this year, the EP Red, Hot and Holy brought to us from "The SPOOKY The WONDERFUL." Think Panic! at the Disco circa A Fever you Can't Sweat and Vice and Virtues. Yet Sarah and the Safe Word have a certain theatrical element that cannot be replicated! From the operatic harmonies contrasting the tone of the lead vocalist, Sarah Rose, to the layered violins and piano elements over the bass and percussion, the EP is rich with texture!Based out of Atlanta, GA, this self proclaimed gothic vaudeville rock sub-genre band has caught me off-guard in the best way possible! Sarah and the Safe Word are one of the most recent artists to bring forward a genre that is grossly over looked and that is baroque rock- a style that incorporates a classical element into the Rock genre.

So check them out! This track listing is SO dynamic, there is something that is guaranteed to get you moving; from the haunting interlude of "Invocation", to the uptempo fiddling styles in "Louisville Shuffle (RIP)", "Formula 666", you are bound to find your favorite! and the Gothic rock styling of

My current favorite, besides the title track, would have to be either "Louisville Shuffle (RIP)" or "Lit Cigarette."

For fans of: Panic! at the Disco, Dresden Dolls, and Charlie Daniels Band

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