I don't know about you but I get sad sometimes- I am human. And when I'm sad I like to listen to sad music, which does NOT help the fact that I'm sad, but it helps relating to someone.

Well, if you can relate on that level, than you are in need of some "sad pop." Yes, it is a thing and yes, it totally rocks!

EXNATIONS, a trio from Brooklyn, NY and Baltimore, MD, have mentioned that they consider themselves a 'sad' band, yet they are producing some lively synth pop sounds that make you want to dance with lyrics that address mental health.

Their EP Tiny Sound in the Dark came out August 24th and it is a BOP to put in the simplest and "hippest" of terms. The high energy songs make you want to dance while also relating with your sadness of the day making it easier to work through. I can't get enough of "Can't Get Hurt" and "Blank White."

For fans of: The 1975, Tessa Violet, HalfNoise, Paramore (After Laughter Era)

Want more?

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