No Sugarcoating for this Candid Trio: Album Review

It's late and I have a sweet tooth, and before you say anything, yes I want some ice cream, but as of now, I'm screaming for Candy Ambulance. The New York natives have debuted their EP Spray this past February and it blows our mind.

Everything about them is made up of great contradictions such as "salty and sweet" (in the best way possible). Their fun/pop-like name in comparison to their grunge-punk sound and quick fluctuations from soft and sweet to rough, brash vocals (curtesy of vocalist Caitlin Barker) gives the record variety and keeps the listener in tune with the music rather than fading out after the first chorus.

They will supply you with wave after wave of 90's nostalgia with their clear grunge influences. Well... I can't force you to listen to Candy Ambulance, but their sound is compared to such big names in the genre for a reason; we believe they can hold their own and see the potential for them to become a staple part of your grunge go-to's.

P.S. My current favorite song from Spray is "Weekday."

For fans of: Bully, The Cranberries, Stone Temple Pilots, Gin Blossoms

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