Are They a Club, Spade, Diamond, or Heart?: EP Review

Play the Ace is an all female pop-punk band based in Dallas, Texas. With knowing the challenges it is to make it in the male-dominated industry, we tip our hats to the young band for their efforts and hope for their continued growth within the industry. It is not often that there is an all female band, especially in this particular sub-genre.

For their debut EP, All. My. Friends. Are. Ghosts., we appreciate their curt and enthusiastic lyrics. A definite highlight would be "Can't Find Moral Support in the Backseat of a Car." The acoustic aspect paired with the ukulele and soft, honest lyrics sets it apart from the high energy and outright force of the rest of the EP.

Did we mention they have some pretty cool merch? Well, they do - and you best check it out.

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