Bop to the Top!: Single Review

With the release of her single " Lady" this past Friday, This Florida native, Sadie Cannon, Hosted a house show with her friends and fellow artists. The Pre-Spring Fling, went off with a hit! With performances from The Millenials, Rose, Meia, Sadie Cannon and Parrotfish.

Here is a little spring break playlist with some of Sadie's current artists that are on repeat and will get you feeling fun and flirty in no time!

Before the show we wanted to get to know the young starlet a bit more with a brief interview with some exclusive content! Keep reading for important dates and future information.

For those that don't already know, how would you describe your sound?

Sadie: A lot of energy! It's obviously pop but with some beach-y influences. We brought in ukuleles, got some bongos, fun bass lines... you know beach pop!

What got you into being a songwriter and performer?

S: Honestly, I was that kid that was like "watch me do weird things" I don't know why, I mean I was in theater so that helped along with my mom putting me in piano. for song writing I can remember writing little bops when I was five so It kind of came naturally, but I would have to say that when Disney was promoting that the Jonas Brothers were writing their own songs, I decided I should write songs too. You know when you see someone you admire doing something it inspires you to do it too.

Would you say then that Disney had a major influence?

S: Oh Definitely! That was my childhood, not even going to lie. I love Disney. I think that's why my music is so catchy, because I was invested in so much Disney as a child.

Well, "Lady" Came out today, might I say it is a BOP, so catchy! What else can we expect from you moving forward this year?

S: My skill is to be devilishly catchy! We are going to release THREE more singles this year and then followed up by an EP. Definitely keeping with the beach-y theme, although we will have one that will have more of a jazz influence that will come out on Halloween called "Mercy." The next one that will follow Lady is "Trouble in Paradise".

As a performer, What is your ultimate goal?

S: Everyone's WORLD TOUR, as big as you can be, with a hole brand-line on the side, but really I want to do what I love. I want to do it fully without having any side jobs to support it and not have to do anything I don't want, because I am fully invested in the music and performing.

Finally, when you think of your music and how your audience is going to be reached, how do you want them to be affected by it?

S: I just want people to be super super happy! That has always been a big thing for me. I have always just wanted to make people as happy as possible. I feel that is a very basic answer, just saying happy, but positive energy, people being nostalgic... I feel the beach is where there is relaxation no stress. When I have me the water and the sand, its a time of simple, calm relaxed. I just want people to be in a good place with [my music] over all.

Sadie's' single "Lady" is out on all streaming platforms so make sure to download and get hooked!

Well you heard it here first! three more singles, an EP and oh did we mention another show? Sadie will be performing at the "615" on 615 Main st. in Nashville, TN

APRIL 7th!

Want more?

Check on the links below to listen to Sadie Cannon's music and follow her on social media!





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