MeWithoutYou: Show Review

MeWithoutYou (often stylized as mewithoutyou), stopped in Nashville at the Mercy Lounge on their A>B tour, and gave the crowd an amazing show. The show was short, but full of zeal. Going from one (head) banger to the next, the show was a constant revolving door of poetic lyricism and high intensity rhythm.

To contrast this energy the lighting was cool with mostly purple and blue tones and pink floral arrangements decorated the stage. The arrangements were later destroyed and tossed over the crowd. The crowded loved it and they continued to roar back with passion to the band as the show carried on. The one thing that I find is the most gratifying feeling is when the artists passion is met, or exceeded, by the crowd they are preforming for, it just fuels the fire that drives the artist further and that connects the fans with their experience even further.

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What Is Punk?


If you look at the Merriam-Webster definition of punk, you would find a motley of things. At Punk Junk Magazine, we believe in punk as a culture: a badass social interpretation built by those who are bold, electric, and unapologetically themselves. In our eyes, a punk is someone who fights for what they want regardless of obstacles or outside forces; they put their hearts and souls into their passions and make their dreams a reality. Being punk means being yourself, despite social norms and peer-pressure; punk is having a sense of awareness, respect for yourself and others, and an open mind. So to that, we say... why be a dreamer when you can be a PUNK! 

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