December 23, 2019

Ya know, it’s been awhile since we spent the day with an artist. I decided to change that in more ways than one. Normally, we hang out with artists who fall somewhere in the pop to punk realm but it was time to introduce something and someone new to Punk Junk, rapper Mike’s Dead. You might be thinking, a rapper? How can a rapper be punk (by our definition)? Well, if you’ve ever listened to his music, you’d know it’s not just r...

Hailing from Austin, Texas, MISSIO is an alternative/electronic duo who is currently opening for Yungblud on the Twisted Tales of The Ritalin Club tour. With similar messages with their music, like not hiding who you truly are and putting a middle finger up to “the man,” they fit in rather perfectly on this run and have been welcomed with open arms by the Black Hearts Club. 

At the Nashville stop, we decided we wanted to get to...

"Just on record, I love the Jonas Brothers." -Al Jukes (2019) 

This past week, we got to know the Scottish band Saint PHNX. At their first ever Nashville show, we spent the day with the brothers to find out more about the band, who they are, and a lot more. We started the day off with soundcheck, which goes as swimmingly as it sounds. We hadn’t listened to the band until after we saw them in Atlanta, so now we could sing a...

“Life is fucking short and there’s no point in waiting around to be yourself” - tiLLie (2019).

Funny story - this day with tiLLie start pretty normal. We met up with her outside the venue, said hello, went inside to get comfortable, and then started chatting while Cherry Pools finished their soundcheck. tiLLie was asking Olivia and I about Punk Junk Magazine and all that fun stuff and then we realized tiLLie was going to be our...

"Verbalizing your thoughts and feelings and sharing that with people is really important in a time where truth is so precious and communication is lacking." - Katie Jayne Earl

Started February 26th, 2019, The Mowgli's kicked off their co-headlining tour with Jukebox the Ghost, dubbed the Making Friends tour, and we decided to spend the day with them in Atlanta. We wanted to get to know this group that has grown, and cultivated,...

“It was very possible The Great Depression was going to be our last album.“

-Patty Walters of As It Is (2019)

On January 17th, As It Is began their US leg of The Great Depression tour to showcase their new album. The Great Depression openly discusses struggles with mental illness and handling depression along with other subject matter while on the band’s journey to destigmatize mental health. We caught up with the guys at the N...

“If you like this music, you are a part of it. You’re not a fan of me, you’re just a supporter of what Arrested Youth is.”

Photo: Olivia Amaral

Twenty-five year old Ian Johnson is the genius behind the artist known as Arrested Youth. Arrested Youth officially came together as a project in 2017 and made his musical debut with his song “All My Friends Are Robots.” Momentum was gained for Johnson when his second single, A Painting...

“It’s a celebration that we’re all a little bit fucking mad” - Yungblud (2018)

Dominic (Dom) Harrison, also known as Yungblud, has taken the world by storm this past year with multiple sold out tours ranging from across Europe to all the way across the pond in America. While on his first U.S. headlining tour, Punk Junk decided to spend the day with Dom to get to know the mastermind of one, Yungblud.

First and foremost, soundch...

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If you look at the Merriam-Webster definition of punk, you would find a motley of things. At Punk Junk Magazine, we believe in punk as a culture: a badass social interpretation built by those who are bold, electric, and unapologetically themselves. In our eyes, a punk is someone who fights for what they want regardless of obstacles or outside forces; they put their hearts and souls into their passions and make their dreams a reality. Being punk means being yourself, despite social norms and peer-pressure; punk is having a sense of awareness, respect for yourself and others, and an open mind. So to that, we say... why be a dreamer when you can be a PUNK! 



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